Commercial Focus Realty Inc. Commercial Real Estate, Toronto, ON, Canada

Commercial Focus Realty Inc.

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Become A Commercial Focus Realty TEAM MEMBER: Have access to high quality data bases, other seasoned agents and collaborate with our consulting division (Commercial Focus Advisory Services). Improve your closing ratio.

If you're planning to be in the commercial real estate business for the next ten years, you owe it to yourself to check us out.

“Our 5 Unique Concepts”

1. All-Commercial Office

An all-commercial office offers all agents with access to many more commercial specific resources than if situated in a residential office. We pride ourselves on a team driven environment and provide platforms for agents to exchange information and work together.

2. Leading Information Subscription and Support Services

Commercial Focus Inc. provides it's agents with leading information services such as Realtrack. In addition, our office environment provides agents with access to meeting and conference rooms, reception services, and state of the art networks.

3. Independence and Flexibility

  • Professional Freedom
  • Set your own Business Plan
  • Build your own sales team & hire your own assistants
  • Team up with other top producers
  • Benefit from Corporate leads

4. Agent-Driven Digital Infrastructure

Our office intranet provides our agents with one-click access to:

  • Documents (i.e. key clauses, forms and templates)
  • Websites (i.e. brokerages, and online calculators)
  • Industry and Office News (i.e. newspaper and magazine articles)
  • Online Client Rooms
  • Online Bulletin Board

5. Attractive Commission Splits

Commercial Focus Inc. has an attractive commission split package to offer all our agents, please contact us to find out more. We pride ourselves on a smooth and seamless transition for our new agents. CONTACT US.